The Southeast Asia Travelogues

First Trip:  1992-93

Overview: Martin's travelogue details his first impressions of Southeast Asia. The itinerary included an initial stop in Hong Kong, followed by Taiwan, and the Philippines. It then concluded with stops in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and return home through Hong Kong.

  1. Hong Kong and Taiwan
  2. The Philippines
  3. Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Hong Kong

Second Trip:  1995-96

Overview: The itinerary ultimately included an overnight in Japan, then to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, an overnight in Eastern Malaysia, and then finishes up in the Philippines.

  1. Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia
  2. Indonesia and Borneo
  3. Borneo continued, and The Philippines

Trip to The Philippines:  2000

Overview: The itinerary starts with Clyde's high school reunion in San Diego as a group of alumni return to Clark Air Base (now the Clark Economic Development Zone) in the Philippines. From there the two of us continue on our own visiting many locations and islands of the Philippines.

  1. Wagner High School Reunion and Trip to Clark Air Base
  2. Banaue and San Fernando
  3. Islands of Palawan and Cebu
  4. Baguio City and Return to California

Fourth Trip:  2008-9

Overview: We return to Southeast Asia to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. It wasn't without new adventure, however, as we explored Angkor Wat and the kingdom of Cambodia for the first time. We also returned to Eastern Malaysia, Sabah province in Borneo, to expand on our brief experience from our second trip when we just had an overnight between flights.

  1. The Philippines Segment
  2. Malaysia Segment
  3. Cambodia and Thailand Segment

Fifth Trip:  2011-12

Clyde HS Freshman

Clyde HS Junior

For those of you who might remember Clyde from Wagner High School, these are pictures as he appeared in his WHS Freshman and Junior pictures (1972 and 1974).

Clyde attended Wagner Middle (6th, 7th, and 8th) and Wagner High (9th, 10th, and 11th) while growing up in the Philippines during the years November 1968 through November 1973.

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