PillMinder Android App

CSC422 Mobile Computing at Elon University, Spring 2013

Completely conceived and developed by Clyde Thomas Zuber

Source code available for viewing at: My GitHub repository

When the Android device is booted, the PillMinder service is started.

Pill Minder service

The app front panel display.

front panel display

The most useful menu items are locked at the top of the screen, but the rest are available for selection on the drop down.


Enter default values to be used when entering prescription information.

Default values

Enter prescription information.

prescription information

Take photo of pills or whatever will remind you of what you are to take.

reminder photo

App returns to front start panel.

front panel display

Example of a current prescription list.

current prescriptions

Select one from the list and it shows your reminder photo with the pill name, dosage and frequency.

prescription reminder

Example of the daily schedule display. Note the arrangement is by time of day.

daily schedule

An item may be selected from the schedule list.

scheduled item

The history list is a cumulative list of completed schedule events. When a history item is selected it shows the reminder photo for the pill and when you acknowledged taking it. If for any reason the photo is no longer available the default PillMinder icon is displayed. (The android icon has been replaced with a custom icon in the current repository.)

history item

The app could be further expanded, but the class project is functionally complete. It was used, further debugged and tested over the following summer.

project complete